lunes, enero 08, 2007

no quiero trabajar

y menos en verano.

pero me pusieron una multa y necesito plata.

aquí la solución a todos mis problemas.

¡no queremos trabajo, queremos dinero!

martes, enero 02, 2007

usar bombas atómicas está muy mal

"what's been said has not been said
but i should not apply
even though the mighty slap
fell over me not twice but thrice
in the path of darkness
i shall rest upending in my final nest
whether you come with me or not
can't you see I'm drowning
can you


this time will be the last
long gone is my blast, I wanted to be an astronaut
call it a cook in space
just like you dismissed my job as an air steward
time will do the rest
white teeth of glamour bent
midnight movies i have seen much worse
jesus is a sticker on you bumper
riding bicycles like a hangman
collecting sea shells makes you wonder how


this is me at my worst
this is who you shouldn't have met
taking pills like mentos fresh


like not
alive in a city of the dead
flooded by chocolate seas
let time do the rest

and sad"

why atomic bombs are wrong wrong wrong, de david weinglas, incluido en la antología young american poets of the river plate (dead penguin poetry, 2003)

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